Made with Xara Healthcare Billing Solutions What services do we provide? Billing and Coding:  Healthcare Billing Solutions work hand and hand with their physicians to ensure the most accurate and efficient billing.  We pride ourselves on being up-to-date on all changes that currently are effecting the medical community today. Electronic Billing and Payment Transmissions: Healthcare Billing Solutions bills 85% of their claims electronically thus insuring quicker turn-around time for submission and payment. Accounts Receivable Collections/Management In a time of constant medical denials, Healthcare Billing Solutions provides a combined 30 years of collections experience.  Basically we know how to get your claims paid! This results in little to no bad debt effecting your account receivable. Custom Reporting At Healthcare Billing Solutions we provide custom reports explaining everything from expected reimbursement, to account aging, to account per plan, etc.  We can customize reports to fit your needs. Credentialing and Incorporations Healthcare Billing Solutions will also provide application support for physicians seeking placement with Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial payers.  Healthcare Billing Solutions works with physicians in order to file and process corporations on their behalf.